An active and healthy way to explore Lisbon

Lisbon was a short getaway in between change of jobs. We wanted somewhere close and not too cold. In the cold of winter in February, Lisbon was a good choice.

Top things to do in Lisbon:

1. Join a running tour

Our favourite part of the trip was a running tour with Lisbon City Runners where we ran 12K around the city with the multiple Ironman participant. It was our first time joining a running tour and we thoroughly enjoyed it. A great and quick way to see the fabulous sites of this city, especially if you have limited time. The only thing is Lisbon is very hilly so be prepared!

Didn’t get to take many photos during the run but it’s essential to replenish with a tasty brunch and coffee afterwards! Here we are at The Mill, an Australian style cafe.

2. Rent an electric scooter to ride on the road circling the city centre

You will see scooters scattered all around the city centre. You could go up to over 20km/hour so it felt surprisingly fast especially when you’re riding along bumpy roads. Some of us were more risky than others!

3. Eat a pastel de nata

Belém Lisbon

No visit to Lisbon is complete without a pastel de nata. We tried both Pastéis de Belém and Manteigaria. We enjoyed the ones from Manteigaria so much that we bought half a dozen back to London!

4. Visit Sintra


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Spare one day to go to this colourful village where the royals used to go for their vacations. The colours make for beautiful photography. We enjoyed walking around the palace grounds, admiring the lush greenery, enjoying a coffee with such gorgeous views and listening to piano music played by a random passerby.

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