Everyone needs to come here..right now!

Some of the fondest memories I’ve had have been out camping in the open. Far away from civilisation, we would venture out, get ridiculously wet and muddy and return to an air-chilled sleeping bag.. This, I thought was what made camping fun..until I realised that you could do the adventurous parts and still return to a warm shower, a fireplace and a sofa. From that point I had found a new way of loving the outdoors. Glamping is ..awesome!

Tucked away on ledge beside a hill lay a charming wooden yurt. Inside was beautifully decorated and looked far more cosy than my own home!

Looking out across the landscape gave us a magnificent view of the countryside. Not a single car engine, nor aeroplane. Just the rustling of leaves and chirps of birds. We were particularly lucky to arrive on this day, because the weather was clear and meant we had an incredible night sky full of stars (casseoipeia, ursa minor, corona borealis to name a few). I don’t think we had seen this many stars before. Truly magical.

On the following morning, we took the opportunity to take the short hike (but surprisingly difficult as I reluctantly concluded) across the fields to Sandford, where we rewarded ourselves with a very fulfilling Sunday roast. Afterwards we found ourselves slumped on the sofa, having fallen asleep in exhaustion and a full tummy.

In the evenings, we played scrabble to our hearts content (possibly using made-up words) and cooked up hearty meals, which were very satisfying. And of course..s’mores. Guess which plate is Sharon’s.

IMG_7080            IMG_7099

At £150 a night, it is certainly not the cheap camping holiday option, but we found the experience  a great getaway and one to help unwind. Credits to the owners Alison for the amazing vision in building this retreat.