Glamping in Oxfordshire

Travelling can sometimes leave us more tired than rejuvenated because our itineraries are too packed. If you’re looking for a weekend to simply relax and destress in beautiful scenery, try glamping. It was our first time glamping and we loved it.

Glamping Wagtail Hut collage

Two hours’ drive from London, our hut was located in a large farm. It was small but beautiful and cosy. It had everything we needed – cutlery, crockery, gas stove, fire pit, running water, flushing toilet, radio, and even wine glasses (never mind that we failed to unscrew the cork on our bottle of wine). It was camping without being dirty.

From the bed, we had a gorgeous and peaceful view of the meadows and the sky. Although there were other huts in the campsite, our hut was in a secluded area. We did not see much of the other campers throughout the weekend.

Glamping Wagtail Hut outside views

On our way there, we stopped off at the Rectory Farm. Owned by a group of university colleges, the land had been farmed for some 500 years and provided food for Oxford town to this day. We  spent two hours picking our own fruits and vegetables; strawberries, blackberries (it stung!), broad beans and carrots were in abundance and served as a great (and tasty) source of ingredients.

Rectory Farm collage

The payment method was pay by the weight. On site, there was also an amazing shop where everything was unpackaged so you could buy exactly how much you need. There was also a great selection of fresh bread, homemade jams and local cheese. It was our new favorite shop.

We then used some of these ingredients to make a filling pasta dinner at night with no more than the the glow of a lantern. Once the sun had completely gone down and the sky was pitch black, it was actually a little scary.

Despite our scouting experience, our attempts at making a campfire was dire. We managed to start a fire and maintained it long enough to burn two marshmallows and make two English style s’mores (who knew graham crackers were so difficult to source in London?)

Glamping dinner and smores

The best kind of days start with a great breakfast, ie scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. The secret, as I’ve discovered, is to add a splash of milk and take the eggs off the stove when they look almost done.

Glamping breakfast

During the day, we visited small towns within the Cotswold, ie Witney, Stow-on-the-Wold, Burford, Woodstock, Upper & Lower Slaughter, Oxford. We loved Stow-on-the-Wold for its many tea shops.

Witney_Stow-on-the-Wold_Burford CollageCotswold towns collageNearly all the towns had its fair share of antique shops. We spent ages dreaming how this and that vintage furniture would look wonderful in our to-be-owned cottage one day. But until then, we would definitely be keen to do more glamping!

Any glampers out there? Any amazing spots you would recommend?