Great places to eat in Cornwall

Great places to eat in Cornwall

1. Daisy’s Cafe

Daisy’s cafe is a small family run cafe in Looe , and, being off track from the main streets of Looe it can be easily missed. Filled with mementos from their childhood and their grandparents, the cafe is full of all things polka dotted and playful. Probably the most quirky cafe I’ve ever been to! Great for home-made scones, coffee, the largest plates of scrambled eggs imaginable and owners who are happy to converse on the intricacies of bungee jumping and the fear of heights!

2.  The Fish House – Fistral beach

For the unwary, it could be easy to overlook The Fish House, a small restaurant by Fistral bay, for the much bolder sea view and Rick Stein brand nearby. The spot offers a cosy, relaxed and friendly service, which all adds to an enjoyable experience by the beach. Imagine a room packed with diners, the clanging of glasses and toasts and the gentle tumble of  waves. Chef owner, Paul Harwood, can be seen scurrying around the kitchen producing some really fantastically tasting dishes. Ironically, the best tasting food also turned out to be the cheapest, and so we thought The Fish House provided exceptional value – with local produce at the heart of the menu as well. Try the curried mackerel or the simple john dory with a medley of vegetables. Reservation necessary.

3.  Camel Trail Tea Garden

The Camel Trail Tea Garden is conveniently situated at the Bodmin end of the trail. Here, you can find walkers and cyclists alike, stopping over for a cream tea energy boost and fresh sandwiches. For the extreme camel trailers, there is an ample selection of quality wines straight from the adjacent vineyard for those who want to increase the challenge. Safe to say, we found the trail itself strenous enough!

4. Porthmeor cafe

The Porthmeor cafe is a small beachside cafe in St. Ives. Serving fresh crab sandwiches and steaming hot mussells, it provides unobstructed views of the beach inside, or in your own little cabin. Highly recommended.

5. The Cove

The Cove is a little further out in a less popular village of Maenporth. As you might have guessed, it is situated in a secluded cove, looking unobstructedly out into the celtic sea. The menu is filled with delicious items such as fresh scallops, creamy lobster bisque and fish dishes with all sorts of accompanying flavours. During our visit, we had the luxury of watching the colours of the sun fade against the horizon complemented by extremely fresh food and the flicker of a candle. Definitely more of a romantic (and more expensive) atmosphere, but serves as an excellent treat to what I hope will be as memorable trip to Cornwall for you as it was for us.