A day out in Parma

During our visit to Bologna, we decided to stop over at Parma – a small city conveniently situated an hour’s train ride away – to explore some of the other localities within the region.

                          IMG_4987_2              IMG_4993_2

We didn’t manage to visit the main museum housing popular landmarks i.e. the Teatro Farnese and Cattedrale, which wasn’t ideal as it was pouring with rain. However, that presented us with the perfect excuse to indulge in one of the many cafe’s serving freshand satisfyingly warm coffee.

It was obvious from the ambience within the cafe that there was a big coffee culture within the city. Things were a much slower pace here, and more so than Bologna would you believe it! It was only until the mid-afternoon when the streets started to filland the locals started to pour in. We did wonder if people came out of their apartments purely to head over for a coffee – as it seemed like it from where we were!

We weren’t quite sure if we were charmed by everydaylife in Parma. Shops closed by half four. Roads, as a result of the pedestrianisation of the town,  were bare. Would quaint alleys and peaceful days be enough to convince us that there was a better life here? Not at this time of our lives, we thought.

IMG_4990     IMG_5001

A trip to parma wouldn’t have been complete without buying a huge wedge of cheese. And that’s what we did. A whole 1kg.. almost to the span of Sharon’s shoulders.SONY DSC

We discovered Parma was host to a wealth of food festivals. Along the main high street this time, there were stalls and stalls worth of chocolate. One ladyoffered us a sample, which to our surprise, hit like a bomb. With that sort of alcohol content, it must have hit Sharon’s half glass limit in an instant!

We finished off the day with a pre-dinnerwalk through the palace and stopped for a moment to embrace the company of each other among the dazzle of the royal walls. Dinner was at La Greppia, an acclaimed restaurant in Parma. We were again treated to exquisite pasta – unrivalled to London and an excellent waiter who “carried the hairstyle”. It wasn’t long before  time started to haunt us and we hastily headed back towards the returning train to Bologna. With a few minutes to spare, we found ourselves an unoccupied cabin and contently enjoyed a comfortable nap home.


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